Gamma World: What the Flux?

And so it begins...

FEAR Recruitment

The characters start a typical day in their village, either keeping the peace or scavenging for useful items. The Hawkoid/Android scout who keeps watch over the city spots a lone figure coming toward the village. She alerts the village and the village guards head to the front gate. It turns out the the fiery lady is from FEAR (Flux Exploration and Reconnaissance), a well known, well funded group that investigates flux areas by recruiting the flux mutants that can actually enter flux areas unharmed. Sparky (the fire haired lady’s name) gives a list of name of people she wishes to see. She gives each of them a letter asking them to join FEAR. They would in return for their help allow them to keep any working technology they found (FEAR request that your bring broken items to them to further their research)and provide additional security for their village.

Deciding to agree to join the organization they travel to FEAR Headquarters. The group sees the building that they know used to be Denver’s capital building. They move in after a quick look from security a shiny gold robot leads them to the Director’s office (after being pounced on by a slightly hyperactive cat girl played by Chelle).

Marco Hardcore welcomes the group to FEAR and gives them a small rundown of why they are there, most that was explained in the letter that they received. As a good stopping point was reached Game ends.



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