Gamma World: What the Flux?

Badders are Bad.

Still at FEAR Headquarters you are given the complementary tour of the facility. You see where Sparky has set up shop. She barters guns and ammo but also some mundane weapons. They also see the Cafeteria where pancakes are lovingly made by Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth. The pancakes are famous throughout the area and some non-employees come to FEAR Headquarters just for a meal of pancakes. They also have a daily special each day. The day you visit the special is green eggs and ham. Sure it might look weird but its quite tasty. You also see a tent camp out back where you are free to set up camp if you like, though you can also rest at home in your own village if that suits your taste and you are close to the Headquarters building.

After the tour you go visit again with Mr. Hardcore. He give you your first mission. Being fresh faces and new you take it up and head out right away without any delay after picking up your free piece of Omega Tech you a given. You are asked to go talk to a village in the area of Mississippi and Santa Fe to investigate some disturbances about robots and flux in the area.

When you get to the area you are told about the robots that for about the last month a robot comes wondering out of the flux leaving a foggy trail of neon green flux trailing behind it. It wonders around aimlessly and confused. The robots tend to blow up but some have fired missiles or guns at the building before exploding. The group is told after some talking with the people in the animal mutant based village that they know there is a group of Badders up in fort in the Flux Zone. They have made some attacks on the town but not lately, now these robots are wondering out of the area and Badders aren’t known for programing Robots. You also examine the scrap from the exploding robots that they have scooped into a pile and find a stamp on some of the pieces bearing the Ancient writing. They say “Stupendico Robots”. Stupendico was known back in the day of creating all sorts of great technology. As you are speaking to the village some of the group hears some noise. A few people notice a robot trundling down the street heading for the village. Its muttering something you can’t quite make out. Pussy (being hyperactive as she is) sprints down the street as soon as she sees the robot and tackles it. The robot promptly blows up seriously hurting Pussy. She takes a moment to lick her wounds and a felinoid from the village they are visiting takes pity on a fellow kitty mutant and brings her a saucer or milk while she recovers.

After Pussy heals up they follow the trail to the flux zone loosely following the trail to the flux zone. The flux zone is neon green and is old factory that has been sealed up. You think it is sealed up with concrete and wood so you send in your Seismic Giant to bash the wall down… The wall does nothing. Some dust flakes from the walls is about all. Trying again he tries smashing into the building and bounces off. Looking closer at the building they can’t tell what the material is. It has been covered in some secret material and the effect of the flux has been strengthening it.

Finally realizing that cannot break through the wall they walk around the building and find a door that is not covered in the strange substance. It sounds like regular metal when knocked on. It has a handle which all other doors has been missing. After some looking around a doorbell is found. When you press the doorbell you hear a buzzing and the door opens a tiny bit… The Yeti mutant Victor notices that a buzzing sound is coming from a control panel on the side of the building. Opening it up he sees that the control panel controls the doorbell but some of the gear have been moved to prevent the doorbell from ringing correctly. After a little bit of fiddling from the group they fix the doorbell and the door stutters open.

It leads into a maze through the building that turns out to be more of a one way path throughout the complex until they come to a courtyard type area. Its part of the warehouse with one wall knocked down a glowing crater that may be the source of knocking down the wall. Right behind the wall is a crude tower, made of a different stone then the rest of the building. There is also a couple of Badders with Porker backups and each Badder also has the company of a spitting dog.

The Badders confront the explorers. They tell them in no uncertain terms to go away. The group persists and some can tell they are hiding but no inquiry is made into what. Oddly no inquiry is made about the robots from the group. The Badders did tell them that there master the Iron King told them not to let anybody in. He was a great Hoop who wears a great shiny crown and had great plans. Diplomacy attempts are not made as the group decides to rush into battle. The group is short one member as the Hawkoid had flown off earlier due to an emergency call she had received from one of the cells phones in the group. Though the reception was spotty she realized it was an emergency call from family member back in the village that she rushed home for.

Battle ensues and the group takes on the tower guards. After a rocky start out group of agents prevail but not before our Speedster/Gravity Controller dies and dissolves into an acidy puddle of goo, some which drips into the crater. We also have our Fire Plant and our Seismic Giant also dying but as the last of the guards die they are able to rush to their aid and help revive them. As game was coming to an end for the night a withheld the reward to give out at the beginning of next game.

And so it begins...
FEAR Recruitment

The characters start a typical day in their village, either keeping the peace or scavenging for useful items. The Hawkoid/Android scout who keeps watch over the city spots a lone figure coming toward the village. She alerts the village and the village guards head to the front gate. It turns out the the fiery lady is from FEAR (Flux Exploration and Reconnaissance), a well known, well funded group that investigates flux areas by recruiting the flux mutants that can actually enter flux areas unharmed. Sparky (the fire haired lady’s name) gives a list of name of people she wishes to see. She gives each of them a letter asking them to join FEAR. They would in return for their help allow them to keep any working technology they found (FEAR request that your bring broken items to them to further their research)and provide additional security for their village.

Deciding to agree to join the organization they travel to FEAR Headquarters. The group sees the building that they know used to be Denver’s capital building. They move in after a quick look from security a shiny gold robot leads them to the Director’s office (after being pounced on by a slightly hyperactive cat girl played by Chelle).

Marco Hardcore welcomes the group to FEAR and gives them a small rundown of why they are there, most that was explained in the letter that they received. As a good stopping point was reached Game ends.


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