This is my first time running a campaign. Hope it will be fun for everybody. First some background on the world:

The world we live in is earth, Denver area (for now). We live in a post apocalyptic world in which a fateful day about 100 years or so ago on Dec 21, 2012 North Korea decided to set off some bombs. Unfortunately not quite being legit they didn’t have the best rocket guiding systems and not all of the bombs went where they wanted. Wyoming is gone, just a big smoking crater. The moon was hit and pieces of it occasionally hit the earth. At the same time Hydron Collider experiments were being run which may have opened black holes and some say that exasperated by the bombs going off at the same time may have opened tears in the fabric of this reality. There are also rumors of secret experiments also creating havoc.

All this created craters in random areas of the world. There is radiation in some areas. The biggest byproduct though is a substance called flux. It is a strange substance that can be recognized by a strange colored haze in the area. Green, purple, and red are the main colors but pretty much any color of the rainbow has been seen. This substance is fatal to most of the life on the planet. Any creature who enters flux usually is mutated beyond recognition and usually as their bodies cannot adapt to the rapid transformation, they die. The exceptions are plants and animals the existed in the area when the flux was created in the area. There are rumors of a few mutant races that can survive without being a flux mutant. This is not certain why these mutants can exist but most theories say they have mutated in ways that cannot be seen and are dying either by damages to the brain or in organs that have not made themselves known. Flux mutants can survive because for their ability to spontaneousnesly mutate. This mutation gives them strange powers with odd mutations that for some reason their bodies can handle.

In this world the Ancients (pre-war people) are often looked upon as having more advanced civilization and people tend to collect items once owned by the Ancients. As money is not used in the world items are bartered. Ancient Junk makes great bartering material. Occasionally people will find Omega Tech. Omega tech is coveted because it is more advanced then most Ancient junk found around. Most people belive that it is just more advanced stuff from the Ancients though others think that it may be from aliens, other worlds (from tear from the mini-blackholes?) or from secret labs that have been looted.

As for your role in all of this. You just happen to be a flux mutant and have been recruited by FEAR which is an organization the prizes information. More specifically information about Flux zones. Flux zones tend to have Omega tech and other high tech devices that can’t be found in most areas. They recruit flux mutants for the purpose of exploring and reporting on these areas and sometimes getting tech from these places for study. But is there more? Does FEAR have more they are looking for? Do you care? Its up to you.

Gamma World: What the Flux?